Who is the driver of your Life… the trickster or your soul?
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You, the person and “your” soul are the designated driver
Soul – the element of invisible light and sound that journeys throughout the ages taking homage in a chosen living vehicle to pursue pre-destined challenges during the lifetime of the living energy: human, animal, alien or some other life force found in any of the universes
Your soul energy and your heart’s feelings of love, compassion and all the generous sensory emotions contained within the heart are your most essential and important guides for you, as a human, in this lifetime’s journey. When you truly trust and adhere to your soul’s guidance and challenges, rather than listening to your brain’s racing clatter, you will live a more agreeable and potent useful and potentially successful life. Your soul stores many life times of memories, knowledge and wisdom. The brain is likened to the trickster usually misguiding thus causing you to choose directions that separate you from your inner truth; or your brain functions mechanically like a computer accepting data to be useful in fundamental, analytical and action/reaction responses. Which are you experiencing?
Honor your soul. Yes, your soul is at the helm consistently providing you guidance and insight. If however, you fail to trust your soul, a connection to the higher being/energy, (whatever that higher power energy is for you and your belief) then you may encounter additional set backs or challenges that otherwise could have been prevented and avoided
Every challenge, minor or major, is a “gift” to help you grow and achieve the tasks your soul previously chose, in this life-time with this body and the people in your life who are either helpful or “push your buttons” causing, forcing or supporting you to transform and improve yourself each day, in every way, throughout this current lifetime
Have you achieved some of the important human challenges: to love unconditionally, accept who you are as you are, letting go of fears that control you and your decisions, while continually improving yourself and by becoming a better person for others, yourself and the world? Remember, we are all interconnected
Remember, we are all interconnected
Cease speaking and thinking negative words and actions, they will stagnate you and contribute to your future dissatisfied experiences. Remember, we manifest what we think and speak. Know that when you are speaking degrading harmful negative words, you are absorbing what you have spoken by swallowing and digesting all the negative words about yourself or someone else. Worrying and dwelling along with negative dialogue can turn into health ailments, mental anguish, anger and a constant disturbing unsatisfied life. A heart attack or heart conditions are not only rooted in unhealthy nutritional choices. Heart ache/pain is directly associated to holding grudges or anger towards someone, or a heart-felt issues that have accrued through the years
Discover Your Journey
Learn as you grow and expand in consciousness, your awareness and advancement enlightens you with the wisdom of your soul’s pre-mapped ascension plan. Your soul mind accurately guides you with present and future messages for you to travel the path that serves your highest good
Life is an adventure. Choose to actively participate. Start your journey now…
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Cease listening to the trickster in your brain
Your soul is wise and provides you with answers that serve your highest good, whereas the trickster residing in your brain can confuse you and lead you astray
Discover how to “listen” to your soul’s guidance
The soul chose this lifetime to learn specific lessons and overcome challenges for growth, advancement and compassion
Eliminate negative talk
Your spoken or written words and mental thoughts influence your ultimate future outcome. Negative actions, thoughts, spoken or written will continue to expand the more you indulge in them, and potentially overtake your life, resulting in disappointment and additional unsettling life. Positive begets positive generating successful results
Understand challenges and how to overcome them
Be alert and welcome challenges. Your ability to accept and maneuver the obstacles will enhance your success leading you towards transformation, growth, happiness and peace of mind
Enjoy a satisfying successful life
The greater your energy of love and compassion for you and other souls, the richer and more blessed the reward is for you and other souls during this lifetime. Truly learn to manifest your goals
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Discover Your Journey
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